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WeGotNuts Mission Statement

WeGotNuts.com is committed to becoming the leading purveyor of wholesale and bulk dried fruits and nuts.

Exemplify and recognize our company as a standard for excellence through superior customer service and ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

Garner a reputation for outstanding professionalism and reliable service throughout the process of obtaining your goods. All the way from the purchasing phase, onto roasting and packaging, up until the moment our product arrives to your door.

Outstanding and unwavering support for the diversity and multiculturalism within the company, that is driven by respect and supported by the character of all our employees. WeGotNuts is truly an equal opportunity employer.

Transcend the industry and excel at what we do best. Rugged employee training, relentless quality control measures, and proper temperature management is what separates WeGotNuts from the rest.

Nuts and dried fruits are our forte’, therefore it is our mission to uphold the highest standards and product management within the industry. It is our right to deliver to you the finest and top quality bulk nuts and dried fruits, that our green earth can produce.

Understand that the client-company relationship is priority and realize that without the support of loyal customers, we are merely a seed within the industry.

Through keen leadership and a distinct commitment to excellence, WeGotNuts has set high goals to fill our even higher potential.

Sustaining a dedicated commitment to excellence is what we strive for. Here at WeGotNuts, you can be assured that your product is properly taken care of through rigorous supervision throughout the process. From earth to truck, to warehouse, to doorstep; your product is handled 24/7 as if it were our own.

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What our Clients Say

  • These dates are TERRIFIC!! They are moist, fresh, and wonderful.

    Meny Rivas

  • Excellent service, items were very fresh and delicious. Thnx!

    T.C Chicago

  • Looking forward in trying out more of your products.

    Abram Frank

  • These are by far the best sunflower seeds & Turkish pistachios I've ever tasted.

    Jim Sims

  • These are really good macadamia nuts, you won't be able to stop eating them! Great healthy snack!!

    T.M. LA

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